Born in December of 1952 in Sta Cruz do Rio Pardo, S.Paulo. He started to learn classic guitar at the age of thirteen , having later changed into popular music. When he was eighteen years old, started to write his own songs, having later met people linked to the music field as Mazola, Robert Menescal, Erlon Chaves, that incentivated him in the continuity of his work.

The first presentation of Vasco Debritto as composer and singer, was in 1978 in the Museum of Modern Art of Rio De Janeiro, by invitation of the composer Sidney Miller.Em 1979 meet Antonio Adolfo, who had initiated the movement of independent production that stimulates him to register his own songs , the result is the single "Um dia/Memórias"and soon, in the following year release his first album "Um Dia a Coisa Muda". During this period Vasco Debritto did several gigs between Rio and Sáo Paulo.

In 1984 he goes to Japan, by invitation of the General Consulate of that country for one term of 6 months contract in the Bar&Restaurant "Copacabana" in the city of Kobe.In 85 records another single "Tecelagem" and plus an album, "Todos a Bordo"in 86.

From 1987 starts to live shuttle fligth Brazil-Japan until the year of 1991 when he decides to go to Europe,staying in France and do some gigs Italy, Belgium, etc.

Back to Japan , Vasco Debritto starts to prepare his new album in 95, making doing many gigs, especially in Tokyo and also he initiates a new path where he finds many other artists who record his songs, however as lyricist however as melodist.

Finally, in 1998 he finishes the recordings of the album "Visions" that would be released in January of 99,this album was nominated for the prize "Gold Disk of the Musica Popular Brasileira".Doing many gigs in Japan stimulated Vasco to a new challange CD, that happens in December of 2001, with the album "Praia dos Corais". Recorded in Rio De Janeiro and New York,@Praia dos Corais has the participation of great musicians of the Jazz and MPB scenary and In the following years of 2003 and 2004 Vasco started to get back his space left backwards and do some gigs in Brazil. Vasco Debritto was recently included in the Dictionary Cravo Albim of the Brazilian Popular Music. The reference book of Brazilian Music.